less less det. ,pron. • used with uncountable nouns to mean ˈa smaller amount ofˈ • (与不可数名词连用)较少的,更少的:
»less butter / time / importance
»He was advised to smoke fewer cigarettes and drink less beer.
»We have less to worry about now.
»It is less of a problem than Iˈd expected.
»Weˈll be there in less than no time (= very soon).
»The victory was nothing less than a miracle.
【HELP】People often use less with countable nouns: There were less cars on the road then.This is not considered correct by some people, and fewer should be used instead. • * less 与可数名词连用颇常见:There were less cars on the road then. 有人认为这不正确,应用 fewer。 【IDIOMS】 ˌless and ˈless • smaller and smaller amounts • 越来越少:
»As time passed, she saw less and less of all her old friends at home.
no ˈless • (often ironic) used to suggest that sth is surprising or impressive • (表示惊讶或钦佩)竟,居然:
»Sheˈs having lunch with the Director, no less.
no less than... • used to emphasize a large amount • (强调大数量)不少于,多达:
»The guide contains details of no less than 115 hiking routes.
这本导游指南包括多达 115 条徒步旅行路线的详细介绍。
adv. • to a smaller degree; not so much • 较少;较小;更少;更小;没那么多;少:
»less expensive / likely / intelligent
»less often / enthusiastically
»I read much less now than I used to.
»The receptionist was less than (= not at all) helpful.
»She wasnˈt any the less happy for (= she was perfectly happy) being on her own.
»That this is a positive stereotype makes it no less a stereotype, and therefore unacceptable.
even / much / still ˈless • and certainly not • 更不用说;更何况:
»No explanation was offered, still less an apology.
ˌless and ˈless • continuing to become smaller in amount • 越来越少;越来越小:
»She found the job less and less attractive.
--› more at more adv. prep. • used before a particular amount that must be taken away from the amount just mentioned • 减去;扣除 【SYN】 minus :
»a monthly salary of $2 000 less tax and insurance
月薪 2 000 元,从中扣除税款和保险费
* * *
=Least Cost Estimating and Scheduling 最低成本估計與計劃

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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